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LED Face Mask

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Are you a fan raves and festivals? Or perhaps an addicted biker or someone looking for an awesome costume for the upcoming Halloween or a great gift for Christmas?

If yes, then our LED Masks are perfect for you. Besides looking awesome at night or at parties, they can be also used to protect you while riding under cold and polluted air.

Product features:

  • These masks are completely different, you have never seen anything like these before!
  • It lights up and dances to music. Lined with premium materials, so it's safe and comfortable at night.
  • It has built-in sound sensitivity control and a convenient on/off switch on the back of the battery pack. They look pretty dope while off too!
  • Lasts 7 full hours when charged.
  • These are perfect for Halloween, Cycling, Outdoor activities, Disco, Club or parties.


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