Professional Picosecond Laser Pen For Freckle Tattoo Mole Melanin Acne Removal

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The Picosecond Laser Pen is a FDA approved & cliniclly validated therapy device for laser tattoo removal, laser freckle removal and other melanin removal. The laser beam of the picosecond laser pen has very strong power which can blast the melanin into tiny particles in a very short time, then the melanin will be absorbed by lymphatic metabolism and gradually decreases. Besides, the laser emitted by the picosecond laser pen has selective photothermolysis, which means the laser will only damage the melanin while not damage other tissues arround.

Compared with the traditional Q switch laser,the picosecond laser pen is much more efficient, safer and more economical.

Due to its superior performance, the picosecond laser pen becomes more and more popular in personal home skin care, beauty salons and training center use.

What Can A Picosecond Laser Pen Do

• Tattoo removal
• Mole removal
• Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment removal
• Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning
• Acne Treatment


Item Type: Picosecond Laser Pen
Material: High Quality ABS, Electronic Component
Color: As Picture Shows
LED Light Color: Blue
Plug Type: US, EU
Voltage: 110-220V
Energy Intensity: 4 Gears
Laser Emission Times: 2000000 Rounds
Working Frequency: 9 Gears
Package Weight: Approx. 450g
Size: Approx. 19 x 3.5 x 3.5cm / 7.48 x 1.38 x 1.38inch

Package Included

1x Picosecond laser pen
1x Charge cable
1x Safe goggles
1x Repair sticker
1x Manual

How To Use It

1. Power on the device, and the digital screen displays the frequency and intensity.
2. Press the "Inten" and "Fre/Hz" button to select the intensity and frequency
3. During operation, wear protective glasses
4. Put the hole of the pen towards to the spot where you want to operate with.
5. Cover with repair essence at once after operated.

Note & Tips

1. Please start from the lowest level, then slowly adjust picosecond laser pen to the suitable level. 
2. Blue laser pen: level "9" is the lowest frequency. For starters,please start from level 9, then adjust it gradually.
3. Do not use irritating skin care products after therapy.
4. Pay attention to sun protection. The freckle treatment area is very sensitive to sunlight.
5. Apply a hydrating mask after the picosecond laser therapy. It can alleviate the dry and tight symptoms and accelerate the metabolism of the skin.


Q: Will it rebound after pico laser pen therapy?

A: The pico laser pen uses a picosecond laser to break down the melanin particles at the bottom of the skin into powder, which is then metabolized. However, it is necessary to pay attention to protection in the later stage, because melanin is active, such as ultraviolet radiation, staying up late, long-term skin water shortage, endocrine disorders will stimulate the black cells to secrete a large amount of melanin particles. So in the later period, you should pay attention to strengthening sunscreen, do a good job of hydrating, pay attention to rest, it will be well controlled.

Q: What's the pico laser side effect?

A: The treatment time is on the picosecond level, 1000 times faster than the traditional laser instrument. The treatment has finished before destorying the tissues arround. The picosecond laser has a very strong blasting power for the melanin. Tiny particles can be easily metabolised and can shorten the number of treatments. Traditional laser laser instruments need 10 times, while the picoseconds only need 2 to 3 times, so the skin will not suffer from repeated stimulation and repair. The whole treatment process is very safe and efficient.

Q: Does the pico laser therapy hurt?

A: There is a feeling of tingling heat during the treatment process. The more the pigment distribution is, the more obvious it is, but the speed will be very fast, it will end in 5-10 minutes, and the pain is completely acceptable.

Q: Does my skin get red and swollen?

A: This phenomenon rarely happens. Except for a few constitutions, the skin with thinner stratum corneum has reddish symptoms. After 12 hours, it will slowly recede.

Q: Will there be blackening after therapy?

A: Some people may have this phenomenon, but the time is very short 3-7 days. After melanin blasted by picosecond, it will be metabolized from the basal layer to the skin epidermis.

Q: Does it leave scars on your face?

A: This is definitely not the case, because the speed of is in picosecond level,so the time is really short. Besides, the picoseconds are specific for melanin,no affects to others. The pico laser can not even break a ballon,so it will not do harm to your skin.

Q: How long can I do it a second time?

A: The traditional laser laser takes three to six months to operate the second time, while the picosecond can be operated for the second time for more than 30 days.

Q: What's the difference between freckle cosmetics and pico laser therapy

A: The freckle cosmetics usually contain lead and mercury. It is harmful to your skin and body. After usage, the stratum corneum of the skin becomes sputum, red blood appears, the skin becomes sensitive. You may feel the effect is good for the moment, but over the period the basal layer of melanin will grow again. Freckle cosmetics can't be completely freckle, but also cause skin damage. Pico laser does not control the melanin but breaks the melanin particles into powder, which is then metabolized by lymph. 

Q: Picosecond laser pen red vs blue

A: The red light is continuous while the blue light is flash. The power of blue light is stronger than red light (9 intensity vs 3 intensity). The red light can be used to remove subtle area such as spot,mole,scar etc, while blue light not only performs well in subtle area,but also performs better in larger area such as in tattoo removal. The blue light picosecond laser pen is used in personal home care and professional beauty & spa center,so it has wider application and 99% of our customers purchase the blue light pico laser pen for tattoo, freckle,spot,mole, scar removal.

Q: What is selective photothermolysis

Selective photothermolysis is a precise microsurgery technique used to target tissue in a specific area. It matches the specific wavelength of light and heats the tissue and destroys it with a laser without affecting or damaging surrounding tissue. The targeted cells are destroyed by the absorption of light and transfer of energy.

While the term "selective photothermolysis" may sound like a high school physics concept you never understood, the term is really quite easy to understand when broken down. Selective means just that. The procedure "selects" an abnormal area to treat in contrast to surrounding normal tissue. Photo refers to light. The laser sends out light. Thermo refers to heat. So the light now creates heat. Finally, lysis refers to destruction. All in all, selective photothermolysis refers to using light to heat and destroy tissue in a selective area of the body.

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